Integration with MOIP/Wirecard

Updated 22 hours ago ​by Taís Hamamoto

Your ticket sales payments can be processed automatically, if using a personalized webpage for ticket sales. Your system can obtain the amount received, as well as withdraw money directly from your bank account. Taxes can be negotiated directly with company credit cards, in order to find the best value for your event.

Integrate inEvent platform to Wirecard

To configure this integration you must click on: EVENT > INTEGRATIONS > MOIP

For Tests

Enter the API Key and Token provided by MOIP/ Wirecard in the fields. Then select Environment: Sandbox > Link My Account.

As you finish the steps, there will be options to enable active tickets. There is a deadline for the ticket expiration.

For real time purchase

It will be required a real API Key and a real Token to merge with the platform when you select production environment. The same configuration ticket options will pop-up.

Access to the Ticket Sales Environment

To acess the ticket management, place the following link: login.php?redirect=purchase.php right after the URL event name.