Beginner Workflow - Selling tickets via website

Updated 3 months ago ​by Peter Grant

Would you like to start organizing your event but do not really know where to start? We can help you by suggesting a workflow.

This guide will take you through a common workflow of selling tickets through your event website

In the Company Settings, Click on EVENTS in the left side menu. Then create a new event.

Your main event summary page will look like this:

1. Edit Details

The first step in creating an event is to set the Event details.


Here you can set the structure of your event and input important information such as event dates & times, security, time zones, currency etc...

To learn more click here: Event Details


You can configure any tools ON/OFF for your event.

To take a look at the tools Click SETTINGS > TOOLS

To learn more about event tools click here: Event Tools

3. Content

Start uploading your content to the event for your attendees to view via the website or the app. Click on the links below to learn more:

- Who will speak at your event: SPEAKERS

- Who is supporting your event: SPONSORS

- Add Photos: Photo Gallery

4. Agenda

Next you can upload your agenda to the platform.


The agenda is where you place all the activities that you will have at your event.

To learn more about Agenda click here: Agenda Management

5. Tickets

Using this tool, you can manage and control your tickets by:

  • Adding event ticket types (differentiating, for example, whether it is a half-entry or a full entry);
  • Pricing tickets;
  • Defining which entrance the attendee should use.

To begin creating your tickets, click MARKETING > TICKETS > TICKETS

To learn more about Ticket Management click here: Ticket Management

6. Coupons

You can manage and control all discount coupons by:

  • Adding event discount coupons
  • Defining the amount of coupons and discount the percentage of each

To do this, click on MARKETING > TICKETS > COUPONS

To learn more about Coupons click here: Coupons

7. Payments

By clicking MARKETING > TICKETS > PAYMENTS you will be able to track your ticket sales for your event in real time, including your revenue received, pending revenue and creating manual payments. 

To learn more about Payments click here: Payments

8. Integration with Paypal, stripe or wirecard

With these integrations, your ticket sales payments can be processed automatically, if using a personalized webpage for ticket sales.

To explore this functionality, click SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS

To learn more about Integration with Paypal click here: Integration with Paypal

To learn more about Integration with MOIP/Wirecard click here: Integration with MOIP/Wirecard

9. Registration form

Now you're ready to work on your registration form.


Create the registration form for your invitees. Add unlimited questions and choose from a selection of different answer types, including parental.

Click here to learn more: Registration form

10. Website

Now you can start to easily build your website.


You'll be able to create a customized Website for your event in a few minutes, select the sections you would like to add, from the left side menu and the data will be pulled automatically from the platform with the content you previously entered.

The registration form can be made available on the website.

To learn more about building your website click here: Website

11. Invites

Now you can start uploading Invitees. The invitation list of the event allows the creation of a personalized invitation.

To begin importing your invitee list Click on PEOPLE > INVITEES

To learn more about uploading your invitees click here: Invitation List

12. Confirmation email


Once your invitees have registered to the event they will receive an automatic confirmation email.

You can configure this conformation email to be designed how you like and also add important information such as App download links.

To design your confirmation email go to MARKETING > COMMUNICATION > AUTOMATIC EMAILS

You can also turn this automatic email off, in the scenario in which you wish to send targeted confirmation emails to separate attendee groups. This scenario would need the use of Custom Lists & Email Creator

To learn more about the confirmation email click here: Confirmation email

13. Email Creator

You can create and design an email to send out to your invitee list or custom lists containing your website link or simply the registration form.

To go to the email creator click MARKETING > COMMUNICATION > EMAIL CREATOR

To learn more about creating an email click here: Email creator

14. Attendees

Once your attendees have registered to the platform, you can view and control the information in the attendee page.

You can also add attendees directly to your event (if confirmation email is ON your attendee will receive a confirmation email when manually added to the platform)

To view your attendees click on PEOPLE > ATTENDEES

To learn more about attendees click here: Attendees