How to create and send certificates of participation?

Updated 3 months ago ​by Taís Hamamoto

Do you want to create a certificate to your attendees? Use our Email Editor for it.

Follow our step by step to generate a personalized and individual certificate for your event.

Access the email editor

The first step is to access our email creator. Go to MARKETING > COMMUNICATION > E-MAIL EDITOR.

Click on the NEW EMAIL button, type message subject, select one template and press CREATE.

Create the text

Now just write the text.

We suggest using DYNAMIC FIELDS to correctly reference the participants' names, event days and location. An example of a text with dynamic fields from the InEvent platform follows below:

{{name}} attended the {{event-name}} event, which took place from {{event-date-begin}} to {{event-date-end}} at {{event-address}}, with a workload of (report) hours.

To create a certificate with a personalized visual identity, we suggest inserting two images with 600x200 px size at the email top and bottom edges body, as showed in our example below.

Define the audience

Will you send it to all participants who attended the event or will you create specific lists? Regardless of your choice, you must define your audience in step 2, TARGET.

You can use the existing filters in this step to send to participants who attended the event, selecting the options PRINTED BADGE or PRESENT PARTICIPANT, for example.

Send the certificate

Okay, now you can just send the certificate or schedule the e-mail for a date and time you prefer. Your participants will receive the certificate in the body of the email, as shown in the image below.