Email logs

Updated 3 months ago ​by Bruno Trevisan Policelli

Monitor the emails sent to your attendees through the InEvent platform with our email logging function.

How to access the email logs

To access the email logs press MARKETING > COMMUNICATION > EMAIL LOGS.

What information can I access?

The email history allows you to track which address the message was sent to, the status, subject, date of sending, and whether the message was opened or not. You can also export this information by clicking the 'REPORT' button.

Possible Status messages for sending emails

There are some possible status messages for sending emails from the platform.

  • Processing: Your message is in the submission process.
  • Delivered: Your message has arrived in your recipient's email box.
  • Auto response: Email with an automatic response.
  • Message delayed: Late delivery.
  • Spam notification: Email was automatically blocked as spam.
  • Soft-bounce: O email address was canceled recently.
  • Spam complaint: The email was classified by the user as spam.

There are emails that haven’t been opened and still appear as read. And others that don't appear as read, but my participants have opened it. Why?

To mark an email as open and read, the email server used by InEvent must receive a return from the recipient's email server to mark it as received and/or opened. There is a possibility that a recipient received the forwarded email message, but the reading was not recognized in the report because the recipient server may not have sent the return to the InEvent server.

Another possibility is that some email servers or clients use plugins or extensions that "open" emails to avoid tracking. This plugin or extension sends back that the email has been opened and/or read, without necessarily having actually been done by the recipient.

In either case, the information depends on the recipient's server. InEvent server responsibility is solely reading the information sent to it.