Company segmentation lists

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Segmentation list is a technique where you segment (or split) your person list, based on any number of conditions. It is a technique used by businesses and marketers to send relevant communications to specific people.

Segment a list and make it visible to import to each of your events.

How do i create a segmentation list for the company?

Click on your name in the top right corner of the platform, then select "Company details"

In the left side menu click on "Segmentation list"

Click on the "NEW LIST" button towards the top left of the platform.

Then name your new list and press the blue "CREATE" BUTTON"

Once your list has been created you can choose your new list or an existing list from the drop down bar in the left corner.

Now the list has been created, you can add a person or persons to the list.

How to add a person to your segmentation list manually

Press "NEW PERSON" then type in the Name, Username and Email address of the person and press the blue "CREATE" BUTTON"

How to add multiple people to your segmentation list

Click the "EDIT" button in the top right corner.

then in the top left corner, press the "IMPORT" button and click on the "Download Demo File" link.

The excel spreadsheet will be downloaded and you can type in all the people you would like to be entered on your segmentation list.

Simply enter their Name, Username and Email address.

Next, save the excel sheet, somewhere memorable and return to the platform.

Click on the green folder icon and choose the excel file that you just saved.

Then press the blue "IMPORT" button to upload your list of people.

How to import your company list for your events.

Press the "EDIT" button in the top right corner.

Then press the "IMPORT FROM LIST" button towards the top left corner.

Next choose your list and press the blue "CREATE" button

To learn how to use the list function look at : Custom Lists and People List