Change the date and time format of your platform

Updated 2 months ago ​by Sebastian Lastra

How to change the date and time of your platform?

The InEvent platform allows you to change the date and time format in which best fits your business (remembering to be a universal choice). You should be in the Company settings section of your platform.

You can access this section through the following step-by-step guide: Login to the InEvent platform (company administrators)?

If you are already logged in, just click your name on the upper right and access the section "COMPANY DETAILS"

In the menu to the left, under the Company field, click on DETAILS:

Now, to the right, you will see a range of information regarding your company's standard structure on the platform.

Click on the EDIT button in the top right corner (to access editing mode) and then select "Date and Time Format"

In this section, you can click on the drop down bar and choose your preferred date and time format.