Event Access Permission

Updated 2 months ago ​by Gerard Benson

Event Access Permission

Choose the level of access that each participant will have on the platform

Attendees can have different roles in the event. The different levels can be specified by the admin  of that specific company and they can optimize the control necessary to maintain the organization and success of your event.

Types of Permission

There are 4 types of permission in a event:

User: Are able to download the app and use the features. They are not able to edit any information of the event.

Admin: Can modify all the information of the event.

Presenter: A guest speaker of your event can have access control of their camer, microphone and screensharing capabilities

Data Collector: Can collect information, such as access control and read attendees QR Codes.

How to change the role of a participant

To change the role of your participant, click on PEOPLE > ATTENDEES > EDIT > PERMISSION and select the option.