Virtual Lobby: how can participants and speakers access the event?

Updated 1 week ago ​by Fernanda Zloccowick

Find out in this article the various possible ways that participants or speakers of your event can use to access your Virtual Lobby.

Participants and speakers of your event will be able to access the Virtual Lobby by receiving a unique and non-transferable link via automatic confirmation email, reminder email, hotsite, my account or by filling out the registration form (if you are not yet registered).

Exclusive links are unique and non-transferable. If the link is shared and someone else accesses the event, the first access will be disconnected.

Participants and Speakers: access options

Via Automatic Confirmation Email

Go to Marketing > Communication > Automatic emails.

In your online events, dynamic content called {{event-address}} will automatically become your exclusive, non-transferable link.

This dynamic content is already a standard for automatic confirmation emails, so you only need to configure the rest of the content that will be sent to your event participants.

See in this link how to enable and configure automatic emails.

Via Email Marketing Reminder (Email Editor)

It is recommended that you set up and schedule the sending of an email marketing as a reminder, a few minutes before the start of your event.

To do this, access the menu Marketing > Communication > Email Creator.

See in this link how to enable and configure automatic emails.

You will have two options of information to work the access of your participants or speaker: using dynamic content {{event-address}}, as mentioned in the topic above, or inserting an access button. Within this button, you will configure the dynamic content of the Virtual Lobby available in Text Content> Dynamic links.

Via registration form

If your event has a registration form, you will be able to access the Virtual Lobby after completing the registration.

If you haven't registered yet, you will have to register to proceed.

Click to Register and complete by filling the Enrollment Form

Finish by selecting the Terms of Service box and follow by clicking on CONFIRM.

The following screen will appear, allowing you access to Go To Virtual Lobby. You will also receive an email with confirmation and more details.

Via hotsite

Access the Marketing menu > Landing Pages > Website

Make the "Registration" section (enable registration) available in the website settings, if there is a registration flow via the website. In this case, the next step will be to fill in the registration form, as shown in the topic above.

Your other option for the website is to make the "My Account" section available, as explained below.

When accessing the "My Account" option through the event website, the participant can click on "Virtual Lobby" in the top menu ", or" Open Lobby "in the bottom corner of the page.

Via login and password

If a login with a password has been provided, you can use it by accessing a screen similar to the one below:

If you have already registered, write your login and password and click on LOGIN. If you have not yet registered, click on REGISTER and complete the registration form.

Exclusive to Speakers:

Speakers can enter activities they'll present at before it starts, having a "Green Room" to prepare and talk with other speakers before the session starts.

Speakers and/or presenters (those who will to share their video, microphone and/or screen) must access the Virtual Lobby and the activity via a computer, and preferably using Google Chrome.

Events with moderator and speaker

If your event has one or more moderators, we recommend that you previously define one of these moderators as Room host.

The room host will be able to define who will have access to the camera and microphone throughout the sessions. Learn how to perform this configuration by clicking on this link.

Speaker only event

In this case, we recommend that you previously define your speaker as Room Host. Learn how to perform this configuration by clicking on this link.

Only one host is allowed per room. To be chosen as a host, a person must necessarily be a participant in your event.

How do I navigate on the Virtual Lobby?

The Virtual Lobby will appear as below:

Once you enter, you can select a session you wish to join

Once you are in, you'll see a screen similar to this one:

On the right-hand side, you'll see Chat, People, and Files.

In the Chat tab, participants will be able to chat during the session.

In the People tab, all participants who are online in this session will be listed.

In the Files tab, participants will be able to view and download the available files.

How do I change rooms?

On the left of the screen, you can scroll between the sessions and enter another just by clicking on the chosen session and pressing YES to confirm that you do want to change rooms.

If you want to leave the sessions and go back to the Lobby main page, press the BACK icon on the top left-hand corner above the sessions.


Under the sessions, there is a Networking space, in which you can simply click on a person's name allowing to create a Group room or have individual meetings. Once you invite someone to a private session, they will receive a video request and they will be able to either accept it or decline it.

To learn more about Networking, click here

If you receive a pop-up notification saying "To watch the session, you must click on the link below" press "Watch now" to avoid possible audio/video blocks from your browser.