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Enter important notes about event attendees and check them out whenever you want. 

With the notes function you can:

  • Insert important notes about the attendee in question at any time of the event
  • See a general list of notes created for each attendee

Video summary

Create notes for the attendees of your event.

To create a note for an attendee, press 'PEOPLE'>'ATTENDEES' then click on an attendee name.

Once you click on an attendee name, a side menu will open on the right. Click on the note icon located under the QR code. (Shown in the image below)

Press the 'EDIT' button in the top right corner then start typing in the bar named: 'ADD QUICK NOTE' press the Enter key on your keyboard and your note will be created. Finish by pressing the END tab in the top right corner.

How do i view the notes that have been created?

A: To view all attendees' created notes, go to Marketing > Communication> Attendee Notes

Here, you can search by the name you want to analyze all the observations made during the event, with a record of the date and time the note was created.

Important: After you insert a note to a participant, you can not delete it.