Permission and privileges

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Give customized access to your admins, in a way you can control what they can see or change.

Video summary

How to add permissions levels


To create a specific admin profile, for one event, go to your event and press SETTINGS > PERMISSIONS. Then, you will see a button, left, +ADD PROFILE. Click on it and add the information.

A standard permission profile will be attached to the user.

You can change the permission level by selecting the user, clicking on the blue button again and EDIT

Types of access

The type of permissions are divided:

-         Key for permission: Customize individually all the permissions that one admin can have. ATTENTION: in the event level, having access to one page in the platform means admin access to the same pages.

You are able to select different types of permissions based on the event set-up

-          Page permission bundles: Possible to grant permission in a bundle.

when choosing the permission page email.php, all actions attached to this permission (( ; ; are automatically linked to the profile.

Company Level

You can create as many permission levels as you would like.

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