Promote InEvent

Updated 3 months ago ​by Elaine Samasquini

This is a feature that, when enabled, promotes InEvent’s information for guests and attendees of the event. This applies to both places in the application and in emails sent by the platform to attendees and event guests. 

How do I disable it?

To disable this functionality, click on SETTINGS > TOOLS.


On the new screen, click the ' EDIT ' button and scroll down to ‘Promote InEvent’. Once this is done, uncheck the checkbox and click the 'END' button to save.

In the application, how do I know that this feature is enabled?

In the menu tab under GENERAL, when clicking ABOUT THE APP, the user will then be redirected to a screen that contains the main information of InEvent at our Website, with an option of sending an email or leaving feedback.

When disabled, the button "About the App" will no longer appear in the menu



When I receive an email, how do I know if this feature is enabled?

When the attendee or guest receives an email regarding the event, the InEvent information will appear at the footer of an email.


When it is disabled, InEvent information will not appear at the end of the communication, when an attendee or guest receives an email regarding the event.