Alerts and Notification of interactions

Updated 3 days ago ​by Elaine Samasquini

Alerts and Notification of interactions

Alerts: They are automatically displayed by the system.

Interaction notifications: They are only sent when you allow it.

IMPORTANT: Alerts, displayed automatically by the system, cannot be deleted from the notification center.

Alerts types

  1. Event survey alert;
  2. Alert of activities that have already started;
  3. Activities survey alert;
Survey alerts are triggered at the end of the activity and event. They will only be displayed if you have registered surveys on the platform.

Notifications of interactions types

  1. Opinion survey notification for the event;

At any time you can manually notify your participants about new surveys.

To do this, on the platform access: AGENDA > FEEDBACK.

To send another notification on that same screen, it is necessary to wait 10m intervals between one notification and another.
  1. Poll notification;

To create a poll, go to Activity polls. Once created, click Send Notification.

Send Notification of interactions automatically

You can configure automatic notifications insidde each activity. To do this, go to Agenda> Activities.

Click Edit and check the "Interaction notification" option.

When questions or polls are deleted, their notifications are also erased automatically.