How do I register the collector profile for printing / access control?

Updated 3 months ago ​by Taís Hamamoto

The collector profile is the one to perform the access control readings. To create it, click PEOPLE > ATTENDEES or access the screen by the quick search field by typing in the word ATTENDEES and clicking on the tool.

In this screen, click "+ Add person" and enter the name, the user and the password. By default, we leave the collectors configured with the name and user as collector1, collector2, collector3, and so on. After entering the information, click Create.

Now to set the correct permission to your recently added profiles. Update the page with the F5 shortcut, then use the search field and search for the profile, using the keyword collector name.Then click Edit and in the PERMISSION column , click the drop down bar to choose from 3 options: Admin, User or Collector . Choose Collector and then click end.  After the change, you will see a change in the icon on the left side to the name.Ready! Now just log in with this profile and password in the app (whether on your tablet or mobile) to enter the access control mode.

How many devices can one profile access simultaneously?

If you are a company administrator, you can access the app using 5 devices. If you are an event administrator, up to 2 devices. If you are an user or a collector, just one device.