Bi weekly digest

Your Bi weekly digest is a tool in your InEvent platform to keep you updated with certain activity regarding your events. This is very useful for the operational administrator of the company to have an overall report, sent out, regarding all events; credit usage, event activities and communication statistics. The time stamp is available at the top of the report, information given is within the time stamps.

What information is available?

Credit usage

The credit usage section shows you:

  • Registrations - informs you how many people have been registered.
  • Emails - Informs you how many emails have been used
  • SMS - informs you how many SMS have been sent

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Event activities

  • Events created
  • Website visits
  • Registrations
  • App downloads
  • Tickets sold

Communication statistics

  • Emails sent
  • Bounced
  • Spam
  • Text messages
  • Push notifications sent

How do I disable the emails or change how often I receive them?

In the company level,click on your name in the top right corner > press Personal Settings > click Notification Settings.

Then, click on the drop-down bar to Disable or choose how often you should receive these emails: Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly.

Click Save when complete.

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