Express plan

Create your end-to-end event with exclusive website, digital RSVP, custom registration form, targeted mailing, SMS, credentialing and access control.

Ideal for event organizers who want to manage the registration experience, RSVP and accreditation of their guests, in addition to all the rules of online and SMS communication of the event, in one place.

What content can I make available on the site?

Our dynamic websites allow you to make available the event schedule , speakers , sponsors , map integrated with Google Maps to get to the venue and also photos of the event .

You can enter most of this information with the help of excel spreadsheets .

Do I need all the information to launch the website live?

No! Our website is dynamic. As the content is approved, you can insert it into the platform and make it available to your guests at the same time .

Rule of communication: Mailing and SMS

In this plan, you can send and schedule communication pieces by email and target your mailing by audience type.

You can also send an automatic thank-you message to each confirmation of presence. And send SMS reminders .

Track the shooting graphs of your email campaigns in the email log .

What information can I manage?

In the registration forms you can create as many questions as you need, in different formats.

You can track, and change, all of them in the attendee list and you can also record all the interactions you had with each attendee in the notes .

See in our pipeline how many people are already confirmed at your event, and how many still need to respond to the RSVP.

How does InEvent Accreditation work?

Our credentialing system allows you to configure the size and badge information, the print limit, and how credentials are searched in the system.

For hardware leasing (printer and tablet), we recommend contacting one of our certified partners .

How does the Access Control work?

Our access control works for different activities and for the whole event. All you have to do is create the login to start reading the badge with the help of a smartphone.

For hardware lease (smartphone), we recommend that you contact one of our certified partners .

You can also use NFC wristbands for accreditation and access control! See step by step here.

Is it possible to launch my event within an hour?

Yes! If you already have some pieces of communication, the guest list and the form questions, you can fill out the information on the platform and launch your event's exclusive website for RSVP confirmation . All this in a moment. No need to run after countless vendors.

Want to make the most of the tool and gain agility in your daily life? Schedule training with your Customer Success .

Controlling the acquired credits: the Billing tab

To let you know exactly how many credits, emails and messages you have consumed, we have created a unique tab for your control. See more in Billing.

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