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Create your event in a few seconds and have access to customize the application, the website, and landing pages, with different types of interactions, event calendar, guest list, waiting list and attendee list, different accreditation options, custom e-mail, SMS and push message scheduling, budget control, and access control of the attendees in your event activities.

Ideal for organizers who want to offer a differentiated experience to attendees with content and interactions in a fast, convenient and personalized way, managing the entire flow from attendees registration, controlling information and results through exclusive reports, planning event accreditation to Exclusive communication with guests and attendees through emails, SMS and push mansions and custom pages.

How to create my app?

Follow the customization instructions in our FAQ .

We also set up a step by step to help you open the Apple ( Individual and Business) and Google stores .

How long does it take for my application to be published?

If the process management is entirely from InEvent, the first publication can take up to 10 business days to be available in stores. After that, each update can take up to 5 business days .

If your organization opts for other forms of publication, this time will vary depending on the responsible third parties. See more in APP Publishing Methods.

Important: The content (calendar, posts in the timeline, searches, date) of your event is updated instantly. Deadlines refer to name, description, color and image changes.

Will my event need internet on the day?

This is a fundamental aspect, not only in relation to the app, but also to the participants' own experience. After all, they will also check your emails and access social networks, for example. Here is the minimum amount required to use the application on the day of the event.

What content can I make available in the app?

Our application allows you to make available the event schedule , speakers , sponsors , map integrated with Google Maps to get to the location and photos of the event .

You can customize your app with as many tabs as you need , sort them and rate them as you want. And insert materials such as lectures or informational as a list of hotels and restaurants.

How can I send exclusive emails through the platform?

Through the InEvent platform you can create and configure unique emails quickly and conveniently. With the E-mail Creator you can create your own content and shoot emails in an assertive way.

In addition, you can target this content to audiences targeted through Custom Lists

How do I create a website for my event?

It is very easy to create a website for your event through the InEvent platform.

This tool is within our platform and we offer you 24 different templates to choose from. In addition, it is possible to configure in your own way, by adding the calendar, sponsors, map, registration form, among many other options. Simply enter the MARKETING > LANDING PAGES > WEBSITE menu to define what suits your event.

Is it possible to create a custom website?

Yes, with the Full Package you can create custom pages. Our website manager allows you to create custom pages, exactly with the layout, content and integrations you want. Want to know more about this integration? Click here .

What is the best way to set up and plan my registration?

We know that one of the most important moments of an event is the time of Accreditation.Through the InEvent platform you can configure your labels, limit the number of prints, choose the background of tablets and more!

The Full Package offers all the accreditation possibilities, including the NFC wristbands

We also provide some guidelines for promoters to feel more confident in approaching event attendees at the time of accreditation.

How do I create access control in my activities?

Add Profiles from Collectors to the platform and make access control in all your activities in a practical and simple way. At the end of the event you will have ready reports with all the control of information that has been collected.

Have Control of who is already present in your event and how many attendees participated in each activity / session.

What information can I manage?

All you need. In the Registration forms you can create as many questions as you need, in different formats.

You track, and change, all of them in the attendee list . And you can also record all the interactions you had with each one in the notes .

See in our pipeline how many people are already confirmed at your event, and how many still need to respond to the RSVP.

Can I create a report after the event?

Yes. Our live dashboard instantly provides a report with the number of downloads, timeline posts, featured posts, questions submitted, summary of answered polls, and a map of connections made during the event.

What are the other benefits of the full package?

In addition to everything already described above, here are some examples of what is included in the Full Package:

  • Platform permission levels
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Secure two factor authentication
  • Different integrations (Salesforce, Marketo)
  • Budget Control
  • Management of flights, transfers and rooms

and much more......

Want to make the most of the tool and gain agility in your daily life? Schedule training with your Customer Success .

Controlling the acquired credits: the Billing tab

To let you know exactly how many credits, emails and messages you have consumed, we have created a unique tab for your control. See more in Billing.

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