How can I access API (documentation)?

What is API?

APIs are a type of "bridge" (called integrations) that connect applications or information between different systems, websites, portals, and the like.

These integrations can happen with totally different programming languages ​​in an agile and secure way; because they create a kind of gate , in which only a specific set of information (defined by the company that owns the integration) will be available and sent.

Here are some examples of Market API integrations:

- Facebook / UBER

At the time of your registration, many people click on the button for login with Facebook, which is often logged on the computer and many people's smartphones. The API pulls the Facebook registration information and sends it to register on Uber.

- Hotel Locations / Google Maps

Several hotels can put via API integration, their location on the Google map, where the page visitor can see how best to get to the site, analyzing if the service meets the required conditions.

- Login with Social Networks

You've probably been to service pages where you could log in, using social networks or Gmail. This integration of personal accounts with a platform has the potential to customize the user experience in digital environments.

How to access the InEvent API?

Access to the API and its documentation allows any external system (such as your website or CRM) to connect directly with the InEvent platform, and can perform updates safely and easily.


  • Add a new attendee
  • Change the details of an event
  • Any of the more than 500 operations available

To access the Documented API of your platform account (purchased license):

Click the button in the lower right corner called "API for developers" Outlined in the image below:

How to create integrations (bridges) via API?

To create integrations and exchange information in real time via API, just follow the documentation presented on the platform, such as:

When you first access the API -

- When searching the information in the system

1. Click on SEARCH

2. Enter the info command in which you want to find the integration document

3. Analyze the requested structure and continue with its development

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