How to extract and view event reports?

Track various types of information and controls in real-time. This feature presents a variety of information so that you can carry out your decision-making and process improvement. This functionality also makes it possible to analyze ROI, post-event information, and more!

The Analytics Menu

The Analytics menu includes:

Besides that, there's also your personal Import Center which includes records of imported data and any import error messages, and the Report Center which includes a record of all requested report downloads.

Menu overview

How and where do I visualize data on the platform?

  1. Live Dashboard

The Live Dashboard is our best example. You can easily view download numbers, impressions, access control, feed posts, and even the results as Activity polls, for example. Click here for further information.

  1. Ready-made analysis graphics

Our system has ready-made analysis graphs in various functionalities. Look for the symbol below on registration forms or emails for a complete analysis of the data.

  1. Analytics button

In features with custom questions you will see the Analytics button. For quantitative questions, it will generate an automatic graph with the answers.

  1. Submissions Tab

In features with custom questions, you will see the Submissions button. For qualitative questions, she will provide a list of the answers.

  1. The filters on guest and attendee screens

Features like Guests, Attendees, and Leads have a Filter button that can give you the numbers you need.

Select each one that matches the list of people searched (app download, printed badges) will appear on time, along with the total number.

How and where can I extract reports?

There are two ways to extract reports from the InEvent platform:

  1. Clicking the Report button (when apparent).
  2. Clicking the Edit > Report

When you click the button, a message will appear at the top of the screen, warning you that you will receive the file with the data in your email, when the process is complete.

To extract more concise reports, you can apply filters and perform research before clicking the download button.

Report center

All reports already extracted are stored in the platform's download center.

To find it, click on the "Download" button that appeared in the example above or click on the tab with your name and then "Report Center."

In the screen that opens, you will see in order of date (newest to oldest) all spreadsheets with export data that were requested on the platform.

To download the spreadsheet, you must search for the latest spreadsheet of the event that was requested to export. The download can be done by clicking on the blue button (actions column).

What reports can I extract?

  1. All event leads (confirmed or not)

Complete report of all people at the event: Extract Excel with a column that brings together all types of people (guests, waiting list, attendees) and their responses from the registration form, if any.

You can use filters to segment your report (and the screen itself) the information.
  1. Guests

RSVP Reports: Extract full excel and see all the answers to RSVP. Responses from the application form will also be displayed.

  1. Waitlist

Event Pre-Registration Report: See all people who have expressed interest in your event but have not confirmed yet.

  1. Forms

Form Responses (signup and custom): In addition to extracting, you can view your form data on the platform itself.

  1. Participants (confirmed)

Reports from all participants: Extract all your confirmed data into one spreadsheet.

You can use filters to segment your report (and also on the screen itself).
  • Participants in activities/workshops: Click on each activity on the left in the Participants screen before extracting the report.
  • Participants who printed their badges: Select the Badge Printed filter before extracting the report.
  • Event attendees present: Select Attendees Present the filter before extracting the report.
  • Attendees present at each activity: Click on each activity on the left in the Attendees screen and select the Attendees Present filter before extracting the report.
  1. App

Attendees who downloaded the app: You can review the Download column in the excel spreadsheet or pre-filter by App Downloaded (FILTER button) and then extract excel. The total number will already appear on the screen.

In the dashboard you will see the numbers automatically.

Feed posts: Extract all images, videos, posts, and see the amount of likes and comments on each one.

In the dashboard you will see the most engaged posts automatically.

Feedback by event: You can view the graphs and responses on the platform itself.

Feedback by Activity: You can view the graphs and responses on the platform itself.

Questions submitted by the app: Extract all questions, approved or not.

Comments submitted by the app: Extract all comments, approved or not.

  1. Event Schedule

List of activities on the calendar: Extract numbers of subscribers by activity and start and end times, among other information, from your event schedule.

  1. Emails

Email statistics: Know who opened your email or not, or whether it went to the spam box.

  1. Ticket Sales

Total Ticket List: Track total tickets purchased and available.

Unfinished Ticket Purchase List: You can check who has not completed the purchase process, the status of all purchases, or to whom it was sent (the buyer's guest).

Ticket payment list: In addition to extract, you can view the graphics on the platform itself. Filter by payment type or status.

Discount coupon list: Create coupons and extract them from the platform. See which coupons have been used or not.

  1. Leads Collector from Sponsors

Sponsor collector reports: Extract one by one or grant your sponsors specific permission to extract their own reports.

  1. Virtual Lobby

Click here to learn more about it.

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