I cannot see my events on the platform/app. Why?

I accessed the platform (website), but I didn't see my events. Why?

If you are registered as a company admin or as an event admin, you might not be able to visualize the events after changing your password to one account and try to access a different one.

To resolve this situation, the best solution is to recover your password by following the instructions on How to recover my password through the website?

I accessed the app, but I didn't see my events. Why?

Several reasons might be causing it: access permission; company code; unpublished event or determined to be invisible. Another possibility is that the company admin might have manually changed his password.

The first solution for situations where you cannot view your events is to talk to your company's admin to verify that you are actually registered and have access to the event.

The second possibility is to perform password recovery with the step by step indicated in "How do I recover my password through the app?".

If you are still unable to view your event(s), please contact us.

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