InEvent bundle: Premier

InEvent's Bundle Packs provide an all-encompassing solution by adding top-tier hardware and expert services to your software subscription. With these bundles, you can efficiently create on-site solutions, ensuring that attendee check-ins are as fast as possible. They address all your software and hardware needs in one place, guaranteeing maximum data security and operational ease.

What does the Premier bundle offer?

The Premier Bundle offered by InEvent is a comprehensive package designed for events hosting up to 500 attendees.

The Premier package offers the following:

  • 2 iPad Gen 9 tablets (10.2") with 64 GB storage capacity for efficient registration and attendee interaction
  • 2 Zebra ZD620 Series printers
  • 500 heavy stock paper badges
  • 500 laminated holders
  • 5G hotspot with one LAN port ensuring seamless connectivity for your event
To learn about supported regions, shipping and staff as well as InEvent's bundle renting conditions, check out InEvent bundle packs on our website.

Setting up the Premier bundle for your event

  1. Unbox your Premier bundle

Carefully unpack the Premier bundle and ensure that it contains two iPads, two Zebra ZD620 printers, 500 heavy stock paper badges, 500 laminated holders, and one 5G hotspot device with one LAN port.

  1. Power on and connect the 5G hotspot device

Establish a network connection by powering up the hotspot device. After doing so, connect your printer with the hotspot device using a LAN cable to ensure stable connectivity.

  1. Set up the printers

Power on the printer and wait until the indicator light turns green. Once the printer is ready for use, load the badge stock into the printer. Ensure that the black timing mark faces downward. Leave one badge protruding for easy access.

For more information on the printer, refer to the Zebra ZD620 user guide.
  1. Set up the iPads

Power on the iPad and connect it to the the network connection established by the 5G hotspot device. Then, launch the InEvent app. Then, connect the iPad device to the printer using the InEvent app's Kiosk mode.

For more information on connecting a printer using the Kiosk mode, refer to the Badge printing for iOS article.
  1. Configure printer settings

Adjust your printer settings and optimize it for badge printing. On the printer, set the following items:

  • Media typeMark
  • Tear-off position10

You can also conduct a test print to ensure the printer is working as intended.

  1. Load adhesive labels

Insert adhesive labels into the Zebra ZD620 printer.

  1. Start your event

Start the attendee check-in procedure using the InEvent app. You can simply scan the attendee's QR code, check them in, and their badges will be automatically printed.

Following these steps will enable you to set up the Essential Bundle from InEvent swiftly and effectively. This bundle simplifies event management with its user-friendly components and seamless integration.

For further customization or support, you are welcome to contact InEvent's 24/7 live chat support. You can also contact our other support channels.

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