Integrations between systems:

Nowadays, companies use distinct systems to store and share documents, spreadsheets and archives. In this scenario, it is a challenge to connect different data in order to acquire competitive insights which have been created.

A solution for this is integration between softwares, by allowing all data from various systems it can be available for the company analysis and management as a whole.

InEvent allows your company to have this powerful digital internal ecossystem through two paths: API or

In this article we are going to explore the second option -

Integration as a service: platform

Integration as a service platform allows elimination of complexity and costs related to traditional integrations solutions. In this universe, we highlight

With more than 200 systems in their library as InEvent, Salesforce, MailChimp and Google Suit, this platform enables agile and uncomplicated integrations.

The benefits of an integration platform are:

Flexible is a flexible integration platform to build customized enterprise-grade integrations as well as standardized self-service integrations.

Integration resources

The Blend Editor offers a set of powerful integration features including filters, variables, conditions, data queues, webhook support, schedules and more.

Connected has a growing library of 200+ connectors to cloud applications in MarTech, EventTech, databases, and a wide range of other cloud services.


The Blend Editor is a visual integration builder that allows you to integrate platforms without coding and turn integrations into user-friendly templates.

Secure is a hyper-secure platform with 2-factor authentication and external testing and audits.

How can I use to integrate my systems with InEvent platform? works on a signature model. The plan you should pay depends on the number of systems to be integrated: 2, 5 or more.

You can run a trial, so you can understand how simple the integration between your internal CRM and InEvent can be.

Check the video below for the first steps to start the process. You can learn more about the platform here.

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