Do I need internet to use the application in the event?

Yes, you do! For the best attendee experience, we recommend the average speed of 0.5MB per device.

Example: For an event of 1000 people, one must hire 500MB of Internet minimally

General Considerations

Consider the number of devices per user

Ideally, the WiFi connection should be ready to serve 2.5 devices per person, as the current trend is the use of more than one device per person such as smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Dual band technology

The most used frequency for WiFi in public places is 2.4 Ghz, but the signal is usually weaker and susceptible to interference. The most recommendable is to use dual band technology, which includes the 5 Ghz frequency, more powerful and available in newer models of smartphones.


The WiFi signal must be available at most common use locations of the event. For this, the coverage must be adjusted to fit the needs. Otherwise, there will quickly be an influx of people to the stronger signal points, which could hamper the flow of people or the progress of programming.

Band Control

The configuration of different networks for different uses is an important factor for the realization of events. This is because the use of the network by the organization, for example, can not have limitations. In the case of users, however, consideration should be given to controlling the traffic limit to prevent users from excessively occupying the available bandwidth over others.

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