InEvent pricing and plans

Our professional software helps you run virtual and hybrid events at scale. Find out why event managers love us.


Our pricing model is simple and easy to understand, charging per registration on your selected plan.

InEvent has 4 plans:

  • Basic: InEvent Live event engagement and video interactivity
  • Express: Registration, tickets and live engagement all in one package
  • Advanced: Custom branding, RTMP streaming, and Simulated live streaming
  • Full: Integrations, API support, Full HD video, project manager support

Click here to check the features that are included in each plan and decide which one best works for your company.

What are Enterprise accounts?

Customers must purchase at least Advanced 3,000 or Full 1,000 registrations per year. It means you need to order this minimum amount of products to be eligible. There are no additional or hidden fees to become an Enterprise account.

Enterprise accounts have a series of additional benefits, including a sales account manager, a project manager for account implementation, and access to our legal counsel in case you need to review the default agreements.

For further information on Enterprise accounts, check our Enterprise FAQ.

Pricing per registration

Price per registration can vary depending on volume and also selected plans, including additional perks. Get in touch with us to learn more about our enterprise pricing. We can provide custom quotes based on your requirements.

For further information on pricing and payment, check the FAQ section of this page.


New customers can pay up to $5,000 using a credit card and second-time customers can use the credit card option as often as they want.

American Express payments are no longer accepted for existing or future customers.
All remaining cases should use ACH or bank transfer only and the credit card option on a per invoice basis.

Controlling the acquired credits

To let you know exactly how many credits, emails, and messages you have consumed, we have created a unique tab for your control. See more in Billing.

Creating my first event

If you have selected your plan, purchased your credits, and you are ready to go, click here to learn how to create your first event!

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