Promoting Your Event With InEvent

Would you like to share your event with us and other InEvent users, and event pro's around the world?

InEvent has developed a portal for this, enabling you to partner with the team in InEvent to showcase your activity and successes. With this, InEvent can help grow your event by promoting it to our audience around the world, including the many other event professionals that are currently using InEvent!

Why should I do it?

  1. By promoting your event through us, you will increase your brand's reach & attendance by leveraging InEvent's networks and traffic.
  2. This promotional partnership is available on all InEvent plans, completely free of charge.
  3. Besides having their content in our page, we'll also share these upcoming events in our socials and on our blog page, so you'll have even more exposure.

How can I do it?

We suggest event planners to start promoting their events as soon as they are live to reach as many viewers as possible. 

If you are interested in sharing your event, just get in touch through, and we will be happy to work with you!

When you contact us, be sure to include the following detail:

  1. A promotional image that can be used when highlighting your event.
  2. The name and date of your event.
  3. The event website link.

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