Redirect Custom Domains

How do I redirect a custom domain?

This FAQ is only applicable to users on the Enterprise Full plan as it requires landing pages.

First you must setup a landing page for your custom domain by navigating to Marketing > Landing pages > Pages.

Select +Add landing page > write the name of your page or business > write the domain name you want to redirect from (i.e. > Create.

Select Index.html > Delete the text "<p>Your contents here</p>".

Copy and paste the below code into the text box, replacing https://DestionationAddress/" with the website address you wish to redirect your domain to > select Save.




<meta http-equiv = "refresh" content = "1; url = https://DestionationAddress/" />





You must also configure your domain's DNS to point to the CNAME ''. If you have questions, contact our Customer Success team.

How do I redirect a custom domain on all other plans?

Please contact your DNS or hosting provider for instructions on redirecting your domain through their platform.

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