Troubleshoot Virtual Lobby

This article discusses troubleshooting for the Virtual Lobby. If you are looking for troubleshooting steps for the InEvent platform, please see this article

Which browser should I use?

We ask you to give preference to Google Chrome. Click here to download

Compatible Browsers
  • Chrome (Mac / PC) 56 or newer (better experience, required for presenters)
  • Firefox (Mac / PC) 44 or newer (recommended alternative)
  • Safari (Mac) 11 or newer (recommended alternative)
  • Chrome (Android) 80 or newer
  • Safari (iOS) 11 or later
  • Edge (Mac / PC) 80 or newer

Please review our requirements page for more information regarding browser functionality and minimum speed requirements

Windows Explorer is not compatible. Other browser should have the latest update installed

How to give access to your camera and microphone in Chrome

Please ensure that your Chrome settings are optimal.

Navigate to the Chrome Settings page by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the browser. This will display a drop down

Next, highlight Privacy and Security then Site Settings

Under Permissions find the camera and microphone settings. It is here where you can adjust, add external cameras and the necessary access rights to your devices.

Ensure that the blue switch is activated and that the site is visible in Allowed Devices below. Follow the same procedures for the microphone also.

If you still experienced erros on the tests above, there might be something wrong with tour browser. If after reading this article, you could not find a solution, please generate an issue report here. Please make sure to include screenshots of all issue you are facing.

How to setup Camera and Microphone

When joining a session as a presenter or when asked to join by a host, a pop-up will appear to configure your devices such as camera, speaker and microphone.

Here, you can toggle your microphone and camera on or off by clicking on the icons on the left, and select the desired device with the drop downs on the right.

If you are experiencing any issues, you can click 'test my connection'.


You can configure your devices by clicking on the camera Icon in your URL

Press F5 to refresh if any browser inconveniences suddenly come up.

If you are invited to use your camera in the Virtual Lobby, make sure you close any software in your computer that might use the camera too, such as Zoom, Skype, Firefox. Otherwise, your camera might not work.


On Mac you may need to follow some theses step as security may block the use of the devices, having to enable them manually.

Go to System Preferences > Select Security and Privacy

Select the Privacy Tab on the options above to allow access to devices from the list

Select Camera > Check Google Chrome by ticking the box

Select Microphone > Check Google Chrome by ticking the box

Select Screen Recording > Check Google Chrome by ticking the box

Press F5 to refresh if any browser inconveniences suddenly come up.

Given access, you will be able to join with a secure connection

Connection tests

Before performing a connection test, please disable your AdBlocker and refresh the page.

If you have reviewed your settings and are still experiencing issues, you can click here and perform the following tests:

  • Browser compatibility
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Resolution
  • Connection

If any of these are not working, this will determine a browser issue. To assist InEvent in troubleshooting for you, please capture a screenshot of each of these reports, and share via Issue Report.

Network firewall or web security gateway

If the Virtual Lobby stays in a “connecting” state or you can’t join a session due to a “Network Error”, it could mean that your networking is blocking our IP addresses through a Firewall or a Gateway.

You can always test if your connection is going through by running the tests above

Please see the following document to setup your Firewall:
Click here to download InEvent's Firewall Configuration

Mobile/ Tablet Access

Currently, the video streaming feature for viewers is ensured for mobile and tablet users. In order to ensure a great User Experience concerning all other features, give preference to using a Computer. Mobile phones and tablets will work on up-to-date devices, but you may have to do the following steps:

Copy the Link and paste it into the Browser. Use Google Chrome (Android) Safari (Apple iOS)

Using a VPN?


If you are a speaker we recommend turning off your VPN


If you are an attendee of the event using a VPN should work fine but we do not recommend using Cisco VPN as it may cause "connecting" issues.

Each VPN can not have more than 2000 requests per same IP. If more than 2000 requests are being routed by the same IP Address, our servers will identify this as a potential DDoS attack and it will throttle the connection.

Using a work computer?

In some cases your company may block websites which they have not reviewed and allowed.

You will be able to attend the event as a viewer but you may face issues when wanting to turn on your camera and microphone. The permissions may be blocked in your browser and only you company IT can solve this.

You can check in your google chrome tab settings

Click the 3 dots in the right corner of your google chrome tab and choose Settings

The click Privacy & Security > Site Settings > Camera > make sure the site is not in the block section. If it is then remove and do the same process for microphone.

If you are still facing issues and you have tested the How to give access to your cam and mic

Double check by clicking on the padlock in the url of the virtual lobby page.

If the camera and microphone are blocked or the sections are grey'd out and you cannot set to allow, then your company is probably blocking permissions for the site, you should report to your IT.

Other technical requirements

If you are still in doubt or wish to check more specifics regarding technical requirements, we recommend accessing this article.

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