Blacklist: blocking email domains

By using InEvent's blacklist feature, you will be able to block unwanted email domains from registering for your event. In other words, people who try to register using emails containing certain domains that have been blocked on the platform will not be able to proceed on the registration form.

How do I add a domain to the blacklist?

To add an email domain to the blacklist, go to Marketing > Registration > Registration Form > and click on Blacklist from the left menu panel.

Marketing > Registration > Registration form > Blackist

On the Blacklist page, click on Edit, type in the email domain name you wish to block inside the box, then click on the blue Add to blacklist button and press End.

Adding a domain name to the blacklist

When people try to register using a blacklisted domain they will see an error message 'This email is not accepted' in the email address field of the registration form and will not be able to proceed in filling the form.

Blaclisted email domain

You can also use the Block personal emails tool, to disallow the use of personal emails on the registration form. Click here to learn more about this tool.
Can I customize the error message for blacklisted domains

You can customize the error message This email is not accepted using the Headings feature. To do this, go to Account > Headings at the company level or Settings > Headings at the event level, then follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Add heading.
  2. Choose Form - Blacklisted email error message from the Select heading type drop- down.
  3. Type in the new heading value in the Type heading value box.
  4. Click on Create.
Change the Blacklisted email error message

Below is an example of how the customized heading looks on the Registration form.

Customized heading

To learn more about Headings, refer to our Headings article.

How do I remove an email domain from the blacklist?

To remove an email domain from the blacklist, simply click on the red trash icon. A confirmation box will appear for you to confirm your action, click on Remove.

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