Company segmentation lists

Segmentation list is a technique where you segment (or split) your attendees' list, based on any number of conditions. It is a technique used by businesses and marketers to send relevant communications to specific people.

Segment a list and make it visible to import to each of your events.

How do I create a segmentation list for the company?

On your company's main page, click on Users > Segmentation lists.

Screenshot of how to get to segmentation lists

Click on + New list button towards the top left of the platform.

Then name your new list and click on Create.

Screenshot of the steps to add a new list

Once your list has been created you can choose your new list or an existing list from the drop down bar in the left corner.

Screenshot of your created lists

How do I add a person to my segmentation list manually?

To add a new person to the list, click + New Person, enter their data and click on Create. You can also enter large amounts of data via the Excel worksheet. To learn more, see Spreadsheet Import / Export.

Screenshot of the steps to add a new person to a list

How to import lists to your event

In any event of your choice, go to People > Lists.

Screenshot of the steps People > Lists

Create a new list by clicking on the + New List button and type in the name of the list. Once you are done, check if the list you've just created is selected on the dropdown list on the top left corner.

Screenshot of the steps to create a new list

Screenshot of the new list

Click on Edit. On the top left corner, click on Import from list. You can select the list created in the company level and import it to you event.

Screenshot of the steps to import a list

To learn how to use the list function look at Custom Lists and People List.

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