Company Headings

Here we have the headings for the Company. You can personalize your standard message and fields and these values will be made default for all events created within your company.

If you wish to customize the headings for specific events, read this article.

How do I add company headings?

When you customize the default text at the company level, the text changes will reflect in all your events. To do so, at the company level, go to Account and click on Headings. Now press the button +Add Headings.

Now, choose the Heading you would like to change under Select heading type. Next, fill out the Type heading value field with the new Name or Message that will replace the Default value.

Company headings

Which headings can be edited?

At the company level, you can personalize the placeholders that will be shown on the forms, on the app, and on booking forms.

The headings for the Forms and App can also be customized at the event level only, for more information click here.


As previously mentioned, those headings can be customized for all the events within the company or only at specific ones. The options under Forms will be exactly the same at both levels, however at the event level you will also find the headings for the purchase form and custom form - terms of service, which needs to be particular for each event.


Similar to the forms, the app also has the same options at the event level. There are three different fields for the headings on the app, and another one that will be displayed at My App's tab on the Virtual Lobby to promote the App dowload.



Here are some fields to be personalized on the Booking form as listed below, they can be helpful as it will be answered by external users of the platform:

  • Event Name
  • Event Timezone
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Estimated Budget
  • Location

Booking forms

Can I edit or remove any heading?

Yes, you can do both! To remove a heading you have created simply click on the Edit button and then select the heading you wish to delete and press Remove. To modify the headings, click on the blue button to open a new window on the right and then press Edit to do the changes needed. Click End when you are done. Below is a gif showing both options:

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