How to create schedules for different audiences within the same event?

Organizers often need to create different schedules for different audiences within the same event, but how can they make sure each audience only sees their schedule? Regardless of the criteria, we leave here some configuration possibilities that can help you to set the exact schedule for each group, considering the contracted plan.

Basic plan

If you need to segment the agenda in this plan, we recommend registering participants to the activities (choose as described here) and then enable the two-tab Agenda functionality in the Event Tools.

To ensure that no participants see the activities of the other groups, you can then disable the General Agenda tab in the Custom Tabs feature.

Express plan

You can create different schedules using custom lists. In addition to this option, you can also use the ticket type to create specific schedules.

  1. Schedule by a custom list

Decide the calendars considering specific groups of people, listed in lists. The whole step by step is described here.

  1. Schedule by ticket type

If you will sell tickets, each allowing access to a group of activities, you can create custom lists and link to activities, as described here.

Then link each ticket to your event to one or more lists, following this step by step.

Advanced and Full plans

The Advanced and Full packages allow all the possibilities described above.

  1. When working with custom lists:
    1. If you want participants to view and choose what do they want to enroll in, disable Automatic Enrollment within each activity.
    2. But if you want them to be already subscribed to each activity when they access their personal accounts, enable Automatic Enrollment within each activity.
For All Packages: To prevent your participants from leaving activities via the app or my account, you can enable agenda block or individual subscription blocking by activity.

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