Link Tracking (UTM)

By using the Link tracking (UTM) feature, you will be able to track the performance of campaigns and content.

How do I enable this feature?

To enable this feature, press Settings > Tools > Edit. Under the Start section, you should set Link tracking to yes by checking the checkbox in the right.

How to enable link tracking

To create a UTM link go to Marketing > Communication > Link tracking.

How to access the link tracking page

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Press Create UTM link
  2. Select a Link owner
  3. Type the Link name. It will be displayed in your UTM link
  4. Add the URL that should be tracked
  5. Select a custom list in case you'd like the converted leads to be automatically added to a list. This step is optional.
  6. Press Create

Creating utm links

To see all the UTM links that have been created, click on the UTM button on the top left.

UTM links that have been created

You will see a list of all links and information about who created the UTM link, when it was created, its description, URL, and link.

You should copy the trackable link available under Link, as shown below.

Click on top of it and the link will be copied to the clipboard.

Trackable link
Once you create a UTM link by inserting a URL, a new trackable link will be generated. You should share the trackable link with your attendees. If you share the original link added to create the UTM link, data will not be captured.

Adding converted leads to a list

You can have people who access the registration form through the UTM link that you have created being automatically added to a list once they register.

To do so, you will need to have a custom list and a registration form.

In order to add converted leads to a specific list, you should follow the steps mentioned in this section when creating the UTM link.

Then, select the custom list you'd like the lead to be sent to. In the example below, whoever registers in my event using the link I created, will be sent to the VIP #1 list.

Adding registrants to a list
You can create multiple UTM links using the same registration form link, but sending the registrants to different custom lists.


To track the performance of your links, click on Analytics on the top left.

Analytics for UTM links


The main page contains an overview of the analytics. Here you will find your UTM links listed.

The information included in the table are:

  • Total Clicks: counts the total amount of times people have clicked on the links.
  • Total Converted: counts the total amount of times the people who accessed the links completed the desired action. For example, if you add a registration form link, it will count how many people completed their registration.
  • Average Clicks: shows the ratio of link clicks. While Total clicks measure the rate of clicks on all links, average clicks will calculate its average.
  • Average Conversion: shows the ratio of conversions. While Total converted measures the conversion of all links, the average conversion will calculate its average.
Total Clicks and Total Converted

If you click on the View button close to Total clicks and Total converted, you will be able to visualize the tracked data through bar charts.

View button on Analytics page
You will only see the conversion data when tracking the links of the registration forms, custom forms, or purchase forms.

You can also click the Blue Button on the right of each UTM link to break down data by each link.

Gif on how to check the analytics

To remove a UTM link, press the UTM button in the top left > press Edit > check the checkbox in the left of the UTM link you would like to remove > press Remove in the top right.

How do I remove a UTM link

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