Virtual Lobby Analytics

In the Virtual Lobby analtytics you will be able to see how many of your sessions were viewed, who viewed them and for how long.

Where do I find the Virtual lobby analytics?

To find your analytics, go to Event > Virtual Lobby.

Click on the Analytics tab in the top right corner.


The main page contains an overview of the analytics. Here you will find your live performances listed.

You can see the rooms/sessions you created as an admin and also view the group rooms which were created by your attendees in networking.

Information included in the table are:

  • Total Views - Counts the total amount of times people have joined the room (for example if they have entered, left, then re entered)
  • Unique Views - Counts each person which has joined a room
  • Total Time - Total time spent by attendees in a room
  • Average Time - Average time spent by attendees in a room

You can click the Blue Button on the right of each session to break down the time spent in the room by each user and the amount of times they each viewed the session.

Who attended my session?

In the overview section you will be able to see the rooms you created. Click on the blue button to find out who attended your session and how long they spent inside the room.

Who networked at my event?

When your attendees network, they create "Group rooms". These group rooms will contain an ID. They are all listed in the overal section of the virtual lobby analytics and show you the total and average duration.

You can click the blue button to find out who took part in the networking sessions.

Track by users

You can track by users, to see how many sessions a particular user has attended in your event.

Click on the Users tab and you will see a list of all the users, how many activities they joined, how many networking rooms the joined and the time spent

Click on the blue button to see exactly which rooms the users attended.

How do I extract a report?

To have this information available in an excel sheet, press EDIT > REPORT. Once you click the the button, a message will appear at the top of the screen, warning you that you will receive the file with the data in your email when the process is complete.

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