Corporate Feed (timeline)

The corporate feed can be used to share images, videos, links, information, messages, etc. related to an event. Invited guests can interact with one another on the feed along with the event organizer by commenting and even sharing posted content.

It is also possible to integrate the feed to social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, so posts from those accounts will appear on the content feed from the app. When a participant creates a tweet linking to an event account or a specific hashtag created for the event, this tweet will appear on the content feed and on a slideshow on the screen of the event as well.

Step-by-Step guide to using the Content Feed

The organizer can create a post in the feed as well as moderate posts created by event attendees. To do this, go to the dropdown button and click on Event > Content > Feed


To add a new post, click on the + Add post button, then add the contents of the post and upload it in the box indicating image or video. The desired size is exactly 750x750 (px by px) for normal images, 5MB and 1500x700 pixels (suggested) for animated GIF files, or 100 MB for video files. After doing that, complete this step by pressing the Create button.

Feed projection during your event

By clicking the 'TV mode' button you can broadcast the post’s feed in a slideshow on the screen of the event.

To know more, please read Content Projection.

Can I choose which posts will be visible in the timeline? How can I do this?

To moderate a post created by a participant in the News Feed, simply go to Event > Content > Feed then click on the Approved button.

If you would like to have all posts to be approved before published, go to Settings > Tools. Find, under Control Posts from attendees and Posts on social networks. Click on Edit and disable those two tools. Now, posts will only be published with the approval of an admin.

How can I delete a post?

To delete a post, select the checkbox on the left next to the name of the content posted, then click on REMOVE to delete the update.

Whenever I try posting something on the feed via platform it shows an error message. Why is this happening?

In order to post something on the feed using the platform, you'll need to have an administrator permission profile on the event. If you are an admin on the company but not on the event you are trying to create a post for, the message "Fill in all required fields!" will appear.

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