Guidance for Promoters: Access control

Even though the access flow will be defined by you, the event organizer, you will need helpers to be responsible for the access control system.

How can I direct my promoters to use the access control system on the day of my event?

Define the flow of control

First, decide whether or not the event will burn credentials by reading the QR code only use. Click here for further information.

Separate groups of promoters by type of reading

It is important to separate those who will perform check-in and check-out of the event and check-in and check-out of the activities.

Show where to click to check-in / out

Demonstrate, using QR codes, how to perform the reading.


Promoter: Hello! A moment, please, while I read your QR Code to authorize the entry/exit. Have a great event!

We recommend keeping the reading screen open at all times (either for check-in at the event or in an activity of your choice). 
We suggest allocating charges to keep the access control charged.

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