How do I register the collector profile for printing/ access control?

How do I register the collector profile for printing or access control?

The collector's profile is the one to perform the access control readings and printing accreditations. To create it, click People > Attendees or access the screen by the quick search box by typing in the word Attendees and clicking on the tool.

In this screen, click on "+" and a new window will show up. Type the name and email address of your attendee (collector), and click on Create.

To set the correct permission to your profiles you will first need to type the name of the desired profile on the search box. Then click on Edit (upper right side) > click on the drop-down bar and choose Collector. Click on End (upper right side) when you finish editing. As you can see in the image below, there are other 3 types of permissions: Admin, User and Presenter.

Registering collector profiles

Now just login with this profile and password in the app (whether on your tablet or mobile) to enter the access control mode.

How many devices can one profile access simultaneously?

If you are a company administrator, you can access the app using 5 devices. If you are an event administrator, up to 2 devices. If you are a user or a collector, just one device.

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