Troubleshooting for accreditation + Access control + NFC


Here are frequently asked questions for on site troubleshooting. We advise performing a live accreditation test a few days prior to the event as to avoid any issue which could occur on the day of the event.

Here are a few issues which can be avoided before your live event, or easily solved during the live event.

For onsite accreditation you should have 2x laptops/PC's as a back up for manually adding new attendees and Troubleshooting.

How can I have the registration form on the accreditation device?

To enable the registration form on your accreditation device, go to the platform and click MARKETING > REGISTRATION > PRINTING LABEL > EDIT > scroll down to HAS FORM? and select YES.

I need to hide registration questions to make on site registration faster

If you have a registration form for your event which has many questions, but during the onsite check in you want to hide certain questions on the tablet, to give you a faster registration time, then you can make certain questions invisible.

To do this, go to the platform and click on MARKETING > REGISTRATION > REGISTRATION FORM > EDIT > click the on a question and untick the check box which reads "visible"

You must also make sure the question is NOT REQUIRED.

Error - your email is invalid (not registering new people)

If you fill out the questions of the registration form and at the end receive the error: "Your email is not invited to this event. Please type a valid email" Then you could have the invite requirement setting enabled. Meaning only email addresses input to the invitees section of your event will be able to register.

To have an open registration you will need to turn off the "Invite requirement"

Go to EVENT > CONFIGURATION > TOOLS > scroll down to the CONTROL section > click EDIT > untick the box which reads Invite requirement > press END.

Error - Badge already printed

If you receive the error badge already printed, you may need to allow for more than one badge to be printed per person. This could have been down to pre event testing, the persons badge was already printed. As default the limit of badge printing per person is 1.

To extend the limit, go to the platform and click on MARKETING > REGISTRATION > PRINTING LABEL > EDIT > scroll down to "Maximum print cap per attendee" and enter a higher value.

I cannot search for an attendees name

As default, the search is set to search by email addresses only, If you would like to search my name or another topic then go to MARKETING > REGISTRATION > PRINTING LABEL > EDIT > scroll down the page until you come to "SEARCH BY" > here you can choose "Name & email".

It is also worth setting "Show partial results?" to YES if you would like to type part of the name or email.

How do I switch the camera view for scanning a QR code in kiosk mode?

While in kiosk mode you will see a "3 dot" menu icon in the top right corner. Click the icon and enter your 4 digit company code. To see how to find your 4 digit company code, Click here

Once you are in the menu you will see the "Switch Camera" tool which you can alternate from front camera to back.

Once you have switched the camera view, click Close

Access control

When I scan an attendee in to an activity the device reads: Person Denied

This is usually because the attendee is not in fact enrolled into that particular activity in which you are checking them in to.

To check if the person is registered to that activity you can go to PEOPLE > ATTENDEES > Search for the persons name and press the See Schedule icon.

or while in the ATTENDEES screen, look to the list of activities on the left, choose the activity and you can view the list of people who have enrolled to the activity.

The attendee cannot find their QR code how can I check them in?

You can perform a manual search and check in cases of absent QR codes.

To manually check search for an attendee and check them in for access control, Click on the 3 dot icon (menu) in the top right corner > then click "Manual"

You can then choose from the list of attendees to check in or click on the "magnifying glass" icon to search for an attendee. Click on their name to check them in.

New registrations to the event are not syncing with the access control device

If you have onsite registrations and find that new registrations are not showing up on the list of attendees on your device, or when checking them in to an activity they are showing "Person Denied"

First you need to make sure you have a stable internet connection: Minimum of 0.5mb /s Per reading device

If you are suffering from intermittent Internet connection loss, then you need to close the app on the phone,. then open the access control again so you can pre cache data.


I am trying to sync a registered attendee with an NFC bracelet but their name is not on the list.

When you are manually Syncing a person to an NFC bracelet you go to ACCESS CONTROL > NFC SYNC > Sync a person with a bracelet. This screen will only show you a list of people who have downloaded the app. That is why the screen is called networking. To search for other registered people at the event you need to click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner and search their name.

I need to track an attendee and see where they are at my event

To find an attendees location using NFC, you can go to MARKETING > REGISTRATION > CHECK LOG > SEARCH tab > Search for the attendee to see which activity/session/area of the event they are checked in too and the time.

This feature works if you are using access control to check people in and out of areas at the event.

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