How do I become a Certified Support Partner?

The InEvent Certification is a way for event professionals to get certified on the InEvent platform. Once you become a certified partner, you can also become part of the EventMarket: a marketplace that connects advanced certified event services providers worldwide.

What is the EventMarket?

The EventMarket is the platform solution to connect certified professional services providers with corporate users aiming to explore the platform’s advanced feature sets and other events-related services. Click here for further information.

How do I become a Certified Support Partner?

There are two options when it comes to becoming a certified partner:

  • If you are taking part in the InEvent certification by request of an InEvent customer to be on their private Partners List, you will need to go through the steps listed below to become a certified partner, but you will not be publically listed on the EventMarket.
  • If you are taking part in the InEvent certification to be listed on the public EventMarket, you will need to sign up a new customer, sign the Partner Agreement, and complete the assessment to become a certified partner on the EventMarket.
Besides the option to become a Certified Support Partner, there are also two other alternatives: to become a Business Partner or a Promotion Partner. Click here for further information.

Either way, you must follow the step-by-step instructions listed below to become a certified partner:

  1. Kick-off and activation

After your contract is signed, you will get your resources kit and access to the InEvent platform with instructions to schedule your training sessions.

Certified Support Partners must set their website partner page up with InEvent badges and links to formalize our partnership. This is a required step to maintain your status.
Start your free trial

To start your training sessions, you will need to start a free trial.

Starting your 30 day trial with InEvent couldn’t be easier! Go to InEvent's homepage and select Try it Now.

Next, you'll need to complete a short sign-up form with information such as your name, email, password, and select the plan you will be using for the duration of your trial.

Access this page to learn more about the four plans offered by InEvent: Basic, Express, Advanced, and Full.

How to start your free trial

If you are taking part in the InEvent certification by request of an InEvent customer, you should type your agency's name and the InEvent customer's name in the Company field of the sign-up form. If you are taking part in the certification to be listed on the public EventMarket, you should type only your agency's name in the Company field.
  1. Book training calls

Video call sessions should be booked using your internal dashboard to request training sessions. Standard phone numbers or any compatible video conferencing software can be used for these calls.

Click here to learn how to schedule training calls with our Customer Success Specialists by selecting the time it best works for you and your team.

Required training hours

The number of required training hours will depend on which plans you want to be certified on.


Required Training Hours


6 training hours


12 training hours


15 training hours


17 training hours

What will I learn in the training sessions?

In the charts below, you can check the content that will be covered in each session:

Training sessions part I
Training sessions part II

Training session part III
  1. Book an assessment call

Once you have completed the required training sessions, you should book an assessment call using the same system you used to book your training calls. On this call, we will verify your knowledge of the InEvent platform.

Do I have to pay to get certified?

No. All InEvent Certifications are free as long as you attend the prescheduled workshops and evaluations on time.

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