How to ensure download and engagement in the App?

Updated 1 month ago ​by Peter Grant

How to ensure download and engagement in the app

One question that many event planners have when deciding to use an App for engagement and interactions is how they can ensure both downloads and usage among attendees!

From our experience, there are two steps to ensure  the use of the application during the event: the App Disclosure and the Use of the App. Both are interconnected and should be used together.

Below is a detailed description of the two steps and by the end of this FAQ, you will have access to a checklist of actions that we have created based on our experiences that are essential for effective app promotion.

Disclosure -  A complete disclosure strategy contains the list of channels of disclosure / communication of the event with attendees, the frequency of disclosure, as well as the continuous reminder about downloading and using the app.

Some questions that will help you set up the outreach strategy are:

  • What channels are you planning to use to publicize the event?
  • What is the message and periodicity of disclosure of each channel?
  • In what event registration/materials is it possible to contain a link to the event application?
  • How many emails will be sent to remind people about the app?

To help with the app’s disclosure, if you do not have one, we have a ready made template for an informative newsletter that contains information about the app. Just go to Event> Sharing > View demo slides. In there, you will find a slide template containing the app’s info, as well as a QR code and download links:

Usage -  There is no point in having an effective app promotion strategy if organizers and speakers use other means to communicate or fulfill any needs that can be made with the app. This is the most important strategy because of the scenario in which a person who has not downloaded the app may not see the potential in downloading it since no one, especially the organizers, is using it.

For instance, actions like session / event feed-backs can be done via the App, but some organizers may be using paper forms, which will discourage app usage. Questions can be asked via the app, too, including usage of polls by speakers, sending activity materials via app, communication between attendees, forum usage for activities and interaction, etc.

Remember that the list above are just a few ideas from the experience that our team has seen from holding events. However, the uses of the application itself has no limits and depends solely on the organizers and speakers ability to understand and capitalize on the advantages that the application can bring to your event.

Checklist -  The following activities are mandatory and optional checklists to make sure your event is successful in the app usage, but you can always add more points that make sense to your event (as long as they are followed, of course):


  • Sending of (3) emails announcing the app (15, 7 and 3 days before the event);
  • Application posts on social networks of the event, showing the layout / screens in the final artwork plus informative text with the advantages of the app, download links, and promotional CTA.
  • Two slides in the opening presentation of the event, talking about the advantages of the application (for networking, for exchanging messages, for evaluating the event, for receiving updates and all the information about the event and agenda, for downloading materials  about the event, etc);
  • Posting messages in real time during the event.

OPTIONAL IDEAS ( To increase the number of downloads and use of the application, we suggest the following actions to be performed):

  • Creation of an official ‘totem’ for the event, in size 50x150, showing the final art of the app, instructions to use, keywords to search and QR Codes directed to each of the stores.
  • Create a video to show what can be done in the app
  • Sending questions from lectures using the app in real time;
  • It is important for them to know everything they can add to their presentations with the use of the application's features.
  • Creation of gamification via app to engage participants with event objectives / sponsors
  • Sending feedbacks and activity notes;
  • Recording a video using the event's own language and form, to notify attendees of the application's utilities and how it can be useful to them;
  • Upload files and materials made exclusively by the application;
  • Sending photos of the event, in real time, via the application;
  • Live streaming of the event exclusively by the application.