Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

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How to add GA and GTM to the event platform?

To add the pixel (or tag) to your event, click on EVENT > DETAILS. Then click EDIT.

Scroll down until you see the two fields:

Add the respective pixels in each field. For more information, Click here

What kind of information does the InEvent platform allow to map?

You can map actions and clicks on our forms and ticket sales.

See the Google Analytics page (SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS> GOOGLE ANALYTICS) for all parameters that will be sent to your GA / GTM, after you enter the codes in the Event Details screen.

What is Google Analytics (GA)?

GA (or Google Analytics) is a free tool provided by Google (Gmail is required to use the tool), This tool allows you to view the most visited pages on your site in real time, understand how the user browses through it, and get immediate reports on user behavior.

The GA is a great ally of the marketing and events department because it is possible to verify in real time the geographical location of the user, the length of retention on the site, the most visited pages and more, among other information.

What is Google Tag Manager?

GTM or (Google tag manager) is a tool provided by Google for the management of marketing tags, that is, for the management of programming codes (HTML that would be the structures of websites). The GTM facilitates the implementation of these codes, allowing the control of different tags (such as the LinkedIn pixel and the Facebook pixel) in just one code and on a platform. It would basically be the joining of all the controls you need on a single platform.

The use of GTM allows greater freedom, not needing constantly and directly from a programmer. Besides, you do not need to change the website of other companies directly.

If you have difficulties using GTM and GA, Google themselves offer learning courses. Click Here

What are Pixels?

Pixels (tags or labels) are codes (or scripts) placed in the HTML structure of websites to collect information about user behavior.

The pixel is a tracking tag that tells the GTM what it should do, so to speak.

Click here and you will be directed to the step by step guide on how to install GTM

How to use GA and GTM on your site?

After creating your account in Google Tag manager, following the steps of the links above and after the creation of your container, that is, where all the codes of your GTM will be hosted, a code will appear. This code is what should be copied on the site you want to monitor.

After this installation you must insert the tags in the container. The platform itself will provide you with some tag tips and you can also customize it. Your site is now linked to these tags that you want to track or even include on your site.

For more information, contact your IT team or view the Google Tag manager website

Do you already have an account to access GA and GTM? If you do not have it, Click here to create your account. The account used to open the GTM must be the same account used in the GA.

IMPORTANT: This code should be installed right after opening <body> in HTML, on all the pages you want.