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What are Company Places and why use them?


Company places, or places you can add in the company level at the platform, are extremely useful when planning recurrent events or events that happen always at the same site.

When creating an event, you need to determine where it will take place (Hotel A, Company X).

Using the company menu, it is possible to register all those different recurrent sites, therefore avoiding double work.

As of the moment you register a company PLACE, it will be available in the event level and it can be selected every time a new event is created.

You can also view all of your events in a "Places Calendar" allowing you to change the places of different events in one easy to use Calendar.

How to view the Places Calendar

Click on your name in the top right corner of the platform, then click "Company Settings"

In the menu to the left, scroll down to the "Booking" section and click on "Places"

Now you will see your Places Calendar in the screen to the right

Search & Filter

In this Calendar you can change the view between DAY/WEEK/MONTH and also search for and filter out events, in the menu to the right.

Change event location

In this Calendar you have the option to change locations of your events, to do so click on the EDIT button in the top right corner.

Then simply drag & drop your event into different places, as highlighted in the image below:

Example: moving my event from "Room 1" to "Room 3"

The dates of the events will be fixed, you are only changing the location

Change event Date & Time

In the places calendar view, you can also change an event date and time, to do so, click EDIT in the top right corner, then double click on an event

You will be able to change the title, place and date&times of event.

Click SAVE when you are happy with the changes.

Changing the start and end date&times here will allow the agenda to automatically sync with the new dates but be careful when changing times.

Access the event

To enter the event simply click on the an event in the calendar and press "SUMMARY" or click "WEBSITE" to view the landing page of the event.

How to add a Company Place

To add a company place, Click on the icon towards the top left of the page - "View places as a list" highlighted in the image below

Next click on the ' + NEW PLACE' button, enter the details of the new place and press the blue 'CREATE' button.

Next step

Now when creating a new EVENT, you can choose the place you added at the company level. To do so, go to DETAILS

Frequently asked questions

Are there any other ways to search places that not by dates?

You can use different tools to search your events more in depth, below the calendar, as shown below:

How can I delete a company place?

To delete a company place Click on the 'EDIT' button, tick the check box of the place you want to delete and then press the 'REMOVE' button in the top right corner.

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