Add event places of the activities taking place inside the Agenda, making it easier for your users to search in the app and also company places on the company level at the platform that are extremely useful when planning recurring events or events that always happen at the same site.

Company level

When creating an event, you need to determine where it will take place (Hotel A, Company X). Using the company menu, it is possible to register all those different recurring sites, therefore avoiding double work.

How do I view the Places Calendar?

Click on your company logo in the top left corner of the platform.

Company menu

On the menu to the left, scroll down to the Booking section and click on Places.

Booking > Places

Now you will see your Places Calendar in the screen to the right.

Search & Filter

In this Calendar you can change the view between Day/Week/Month and also search for and filter out events, in the menu to the right.

Change event location

On this Calendar you have the option to change locations of your events, to do so click on the Edit button in the top right corner.

Then simply drag & drop your event into different places, as highlighted in the image below:

Example: moving my event from Room 1 to Room 3

Company calendar Places

The dates of the events will be fixed, you are only changing the location

Change event Date & Time

In the places calendar view, you can also change an event date and time, to do so, click Edit on the top right corner, then double click on an event

You will be able to change the title, place and date & times of event.

Click Save when you are happy with the changes.

Change event date and time

Changing the start and end date & times here will allow the agenda to automatically sync with the new dates but be careful when changing times.

Access the event

To enter the event simply click on the an event in the calendar and press Summary or click Website to view the landing page of the event.

How do I add a company place?

To add a company place, Click on the icon towards the top left of the page - View places as a list highlighted in the image below:

View places as a list

Next click on the + New place button, enter the details of the new place and press the blue Create button.

Add new place

Now when creating a new Event, you can choose the place you added at the company level. To do so, go to Details.

Are there any other ways to search places that not by dates?

You can use different tools to search your events more in-depth, below the calendar, as shown below:

Search places

How can I delete a company place?

To delete a company place Click on the Edit button, tick the check box of the place you want to delete and then press the Remove button in the top right corner.

Delete place

Event level

How do I add a place?

To add a new place click Agenda > Places.

Click on + New Place then fill out the information in 'Place Name' and optionally you can add info on the category of the place. Once you have entered the information, click on Create.

How do I delete a place?

To delete a place, press the Edit button on the top right and tick the check box for the activity you would like to delete then in the top right corner a Remove button will appear. Press the remove button to delete the place. Then press End to finish editing.

How do I add a Place to an activity?

To add a place to an Activity press Agenda > Activities and in the top right corner press Edit.

Select an activity on the list of activities on the left side. Then under the Details section on the right, under the word Place press the drop down box to choose one of the places you added earlier. Then press End in the top right corner to finish editing the activity.

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