Check Log

Updated 2 months ago ​by Renata Carvalho

Here you can find a log containing the check-in & check-out times and dates of your attendees.

The log will give you an excel sheet report and also visual graphs, showing bar charts of the amount of attendees checked in per activity and a timeline previewing the check in times.

Check Log

To go to your check log, click on MARKETING > REGISTRATION > CHECK LOG

Information available

Here you can view the full check log which gives you information on the following:

  • Name - The name of the attendee
  • Email - The email of the attendee
  • Activity - the activity in which the attendee has checked-in to
  • Collector - the device in which the attendee checked-in through
  • Type - Print/Check-in/Check-out
  • Date - The date and time of print/check-in/check-out
  • Duration - The duration of time the attendee spent at the event - (To see the duration you must click on the tab which reads: "Distinct logs" and change to "Group logs")

Accreditation ( Badge printing)
When using badge printing you will see in the type information ; print and/or check-in, when an attendee checks in to the event.

Access Control

When using Access control you will see the Activity, Collector and the type (check-in/check-out)

Duration at event

To see the duration of time spent at the event per attendee, click on the "Distinct Logs" tab in the top left corner and change to "Grouped Logs"

You will now be able to see a field named DURATION and view the total time spent at your event by each attendee.


You can sort the fields by clicking on the up/down arrows next to each table header along the top.

Excel Report

To pull an excel report, click on the "REPORT" button in the top left corner.

Visual charts

To view visual charts from the check log click on the "Pie chart Icon" in the top left corner.

1. Bar chart

The first chart will preview a bar chart with data regarding the amount of check-ins and check-outs per activity.

You can search on the bars above the charts, (left) to choose an activity to display or choose "All logs" to display the total amount of prints/check-ins/check-outs at the event.

Click the search bar, (right) to choose a collector to display or choose "All collectors" to display all the devices used to check people in/out.

You can also add multiple filters for activities and collectors in the search bars above the charts.

2. Time line

The second chart will give you a timeline previewing the dates/times of check-in/out

Once again you can select multiple filters by clicking on the search bars and choosing separate activities and collectors.

You have the option to view the time line chart by selecting "Per minute or Per day" in the top right corner.

(Default will show "Per day")