Integrating Intercom with the Virtual Lobby

If you have Intercom chat support for speaking to your clients, you can now add the chat support pop-up to your Virtual Lobby events! Once the integration is completed, you’ll be able to welcome, onboard, and support customers via your own chat support system.

You must have an Intercom license in order for the integration to work.

How do I integrate Intercom with InEvent?

  1. Finding your Intercom Tag ID

The first thing you will need to do is find your Intercom Tag ID.

Your workspace ID (this appears as app _id in your code) is a unique code assigned to your app when you create it in Intercom. There are a few ways you can find your workspace ID. 

The easiest way to find your workspace ID is to check the URL of any page you have open in Intercom. It's the code that comes after apps/ in the URL.

For this example workspace, if we check the URL we can see that the workspace ID is a1b2c3d4. 

How to find Intercom Tag ID

Click here to learn other ways to find your app ID.

  1. Adding your Tag ID to the platform

Now that you have found your Intercom Tag ID, you should go to Event > Details > press Edit and scroll down until you see Intercom Tag ID. Copy and paste the Tag ID number to this field and press End to save the changes.

That's all! Now you should see a chat icon in the bottom right of the Virtual Lobby.

Chat support in the Lobby

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