Attendee ranking

Rankings are the scores of each attendees in an event. The more engaged they are, the higher their score will be, and thus, their ranking in the system. An easy way to motivate and publicize the use of the application among the attendees of the event is through the ranking of the most active attendee.

Attendees are highlighted in the menu based on the actions they performed, such as submitting questions, posting in the feed, starting conversations, or sending photos. Each of these actions can be further explored through the complete record of a user’s individual actions where we can find out what activities were done by them.

How do I access the ranking of attendees?

In the App

To access the ranking of attendees in the app, press Menu then press the Ranking tab. This tab will display attendees from the most engaged to the list engaged in the event.

Attendee's ranking in the app.

In the Platform

To access the ranking of attendees in your event from the platform, go to Analytics > Live Dashboard page.

Screenshot of the Analytics > Live dashboard steps.

You will see the Leaderboard tab on the left side. By clicking on the Leaderboard tab, it will display the ranking of the most engaged attendees, according to their interaction in the event.

Screenshot of the leaderboard section inside the live dashboard.

How do I create missions?

You can create missions for your attendees to participate in using the Gamification feature. Gamification is a solution on the platform that allows you to create engaging activities for attendees based on task fulfillment. Their interactions are communicated by the attendee and moderated in the platform or live app by the administrator. It is possible to measure the see attendees' scores and ranking, as well as create rewards for them, too. Click here to learn more about Gamification.

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