How can i use NFC technology in my event?

Waterproof bracelets for access control and identification of attendees

The NFC bracelets are made of silicone and can be customized with the colors and icons of the event customer. The material, which works in and out of water can be used during all days of the event, requiring no further maintenance. It can be used to identify the attendee at various times, such as the arrival of the event, consumption of products, etc.

How do i synchronize an attendee with the bracelet?

Once you have registered a user for access control , just log in with this user on the tablet or mobile phone that has the ability to read NFC and access the credentials screen. Search for the attendee and select their name. Touch the back of the phone with the wrist strap to synchronize with the chosen user.

How to register wit the NFC bracelet

To perform the accreditation, the user must click Check-in and put their bracelet on the back of the tablet. This will read the data and the label will start printing.

Our technology is NFC so will only work with NFC tags.

The NFC tags we recommend are: NTAGS 213 (Universal NFC tags)

RFID tags are not compatible with our software

InEvent recommend Android tablet devices with NFC capabilities such as Google Nexus 7/8

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