The Seats feature allows you to efficiently oversee events with designated seating arrangements. By using this feature, you can contract seats for your most regular company and event admins or attendees so that they can create and register for events within the same company without using up registration credits.

Adding an attendee to the Seats feature will use up 1 seat credit.


To view the Seats page, navigate to the Company level and click on Company > Seats.

Image showing the Seats page on the company level

Adding a new person

To add a new person, click on the +New person button at the top left corner. Then, enter the person's email address and press Create.

Image showing the Add person button and the email address field it contains
Every time a new user is added to the seat list, a credit will be used for the Seats product in the Billing page.

Once a user is added successfully, the Seats dashboard will display the user's ID, email address, as well as the date and time of their addition:

Seats dashboard

You can allocate a seat to either an existing attendee in any of the company's event or to a new user who has not yet registered for any event. If a user is allocated a seat before their event registration, it will not incur any registration credit.

To avoid encountering the error message 'Error details: email … is badly formatted' when adding a user, please ensure that you provide a valid and properly formatted email address. See image below:

Bad email formatting

If you see the error message 'Error details: not enough seats available' (shown below) when trying to add a user, it indicates that you need to purchase seat credits. Please refer to our Billing article for more information on purchasing credits.

Error message when there are no seat credits

Removing people

To remove people, click on Edit and select the person or people you want to remove by ticking the box next to their name. Then, click on Remove people and then confirm the action by clicking on the red Remove button in the confirmation pop-up.

When you remove a user, the seat credit that was deducted when the user was added will be returned.
Gif showing how to remove an added person

Downloading a report

To download a report of all the people with booked seats, click on Edit and then click on the Report button on the upper left corner. You will be directed to Reports > Report center where you then click on the blue download icon to download your report successfully.

The report contains: billingSeatID, CompanyID, PersonID, Username, Email and the Date the person was added on.

Gif showing how to download a report of people with booked seats

Downloading a demo file

An alternative to adding people manually is adding them in bulk by importing a spreadsheet. You can download a demo file, enter the email addresses to be added and upload the spreadsheet to the platform. To download a demo file, click on Edit, and click on the Import button on the upper left corner. In the pop-up box, click on Download demo file.

Image showing the Import button and the Download demo file button

The spreadsheet contains one column: What is the email address used by the person?. Under email, enter the list of email addresses of the people you want to add and save the file.

Image showing how the demo file looks like once downloaded

To import the file, click on Import. On the pop-up box that appears, click on the green folder icon. After selecting your file, the green folder icon should transform to a checkmark, indicating the initial part of the upload was successful, click on the Import button to finalize the process. Once you have done so, the data on the spreadsheet will be added to the page.

Image showing the import button, the green folder within the import window and the confirm import blue button

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