The billing feature allows the admin to control the number of Registrations, emails, and text messages that can be sent out to Invitees and Attendees.

This page shows you how many Registrations, emails, SMS, and data collectors you currently have available and how many have been used. You can also purchase more registration credits through the billing tab.

How do I access the Billing tab?

Click on your company logo in the top left corner of the platform. Then at the company level, click on Company > Billing. Then you can view your available Registrations, Emails, SMS, and Data Collectors.

Gif on how to access the Billing tab

Please be aware of the Credits available, credits used and the expiry date. You need to have registration credits as to add new attendees to your event platform.

How do I purchase more credits?

If you require more, please speak to your Account Executive Representative (sales) or click on the Buy more registrations button in the top right corner of the billing screen.

Once you have used 90% of your registration credits, you are going to receive an email alerting you about it. In case you have used 100% of your registration credits, whenever an attendee tries registering on your event, they won't be able to do so.

  1. First navigate to the billing tab and click on Buy more registrations in the top right corner.

  1. You will be notified of the price per registration originally agreed with your account executive:

Click Next

  1. Click Next and type the number of registrations you would like to purchase, the price will be calculated in the field below:

  1. The final step is to enter your credit card details and click Next, the registration credits will then be added to your platform.
American Express payments are no longer accepted for existing or future customers.

That is the pop-up message you will receive when trying to use Amex:

american express payment message
  1. An invoice will be sent to the email of the administrator who purchased the credits.

What features consume credits?

Registration credits

Whenever a person registers for an event and becomes an attendee, it costs a registration credit regardless of their permission level. In other words: admins, presenters, collectors, and users will cost a credit whenever added to the attendees' list.

Creating an event will consume one credit, as the creator will be automatically added as an admin in the attendee list. Besides that, creating a template event will also consume one credit as well as API testing of credit consuming features such as adding attendees, sending out emails, among other actions that trigger credit consumption.
You can add as many people as you wish as company admins and it will not cost a credit, but being added as a company admin will only grant this person access to the backend, not to the Virtual Lobby. If you want company admins to have access to the Virtual Lobby, you will need to add them to the attendee's list, thus it will cost a credit.

By organizing the flow of your invitees, you have better control over your attendees, only being charged to those who confirm attendance.

Your custom lists, waitlists, and invitees' lists will not consume registration credits. This way you can do all the management of possible participants in the event with these tools, since the credit will only be discounted once they reach the attendee's list.

If I delete an attendee, will I get the credit back?

No. Our platform considers that the previously registered participant has already consumed the credit, even if they are later deleted.

Is it possible for me to be charged only when my attendees download the app or access the Virtual Lobby?

Our app requires the attendee to be subscribed to access your content.

If you only want to be charged after the attendee has downloaded the app, we suggest the following flow: registration via app and a Visible and Private event (see more in App Download Restrictions).

Remember to disable Invitation Requirement from the Event Tools.
I still have registration credits left, but the platform won't allow me to register new attendees. Why?

If compared to your total subscription size, one single event represents more than 40% of its registration volume, the platform will automatically lock new registrations on that single event.

Email credits

You can check your email credits under Current emails available.

Email credits

For more information about which email will deplete the email credits, please click here.

How long do credits last?

The way the credits will work will depend on your contract and its renewal.

If you do not renew the contract, the registration credits purchased at the beginning of the contract will last for 12 months. Credits purchased during the contract will also expire at the end of the current contract.

For example, if you purchased 1,500 credits in January and in July you buy an additional 500 credits, all 2,000 credits will expire in January of the following year.

In case you renew an equal or superior amount of credits, your unused credits will not expire and will be automatically added to your renewed account. If for the second year you purchase a different plan or purchase less than the initial amount of credits, you will lose the unused credits.

For example, let's say you have purchased 2000 Full plan registration credits in the first year and later purchased an additional 400 credits. You ended up using only 2.100 credits in the 12 months. If in the second year you renew at least 2000 Full plan registration credits, you'll get the 2.000 credits + the 300 unused credits for your renewed contract. If for the second year you purchase a different plan or purchase less than the initial amount (1999 credits or less), you will lose the unused credits.

Is it possible to transfer unused credits from company to company?

To perform this action, please enter in contact with your account manager to purchase this functionality. Then, you have to buy transferrable credits which can only be transferred through companies on the same plan.

We allow the transfer of credits from company to company provided they are under the same management of your initial contract.

To this, please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your company settings and find Billing in the Company section
  2. Next, click on Edit in the top right corner of the page, and immediately the Transfer credits button in the top left corner will appear.

How to transfer credits
  1. Once you have selected Transfer credits, a pop-up window will appear as shown below. Here from the drop-down menu, you can choose the target company and the amount to transfer
Transfering credits

Please note, credit transfers are applicable to those who initially purchased these as a feature in their plan. Transfers take 24hrs to complete and can only be transferred to matching plans, in Advanced to Advance - Full to Full

Linked companies

You will only be able to transfer credits to the companies listed under Current linked companies by credit transfer.

Linked companies

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