White-Label System: Tags

Tags are useful to help organize your events. You can create several topics to add to your events.

How do I create a tag for my event?

Click on your company logo icon in the top left corner of the platform.

On the side menu, click on Account > Tags.

Screenshot Company > account > tags

To create a new tag for your events, click on the + New tag button.

Enter the name of the tag and choose its color. When you are done, click on Create.

create a new tag

Once your Tag has been created you can view it on the list of tags.

add colors to your tags

Now that your tag has been created, you can add it to events, as shown above.

How do I add tags to events?

Click on your company icon in the top left corner of the platform, then go to Events.

Screenshot events

Click on the Edit button in the top right corner.

Screenshot events > edit

Tick the event you want and in the upper right corner, click on Add tag.

screenshot event > edit > select

Choose the tag you want and click on Add.

screenshor > add tag > add

How do I delete tags?

To delete the created tags, click on Edit, check the ones you want to delete and click on Remove

remove tags

Then click on Remove > End.

screenshot select remove

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