Create, edit and manage your company's events through the InEvent platform. Having access too one event doesn’t mean access to all events. The admins can decide who can access each one. The events can be hidden, private public.

How do I create an event?

You must click on Events > + New event, complete Event's name field, and then click on Create button. You can choose if your event will have an already pre-defined template.

Additional settings

Instead of simply creating an event by just defining its name, you can also use the additional settings of event creating.

By clicking on Additional settings when creating an event, you'll be able to define not only its name, but also add information such as:

  1. Basic information

  1. Privacy details
  1. Event cover
  1. Website Template

Where are the events which have been created?

In the event screen, you can see a complete list of all events that have already been created in your Company. You can view the number of attendees / Capacity, and also the number of people on the waiting list of each event, as well as dates, locations, and other information.

In addition, you can change the way you view the list of events, with the cover image selected for each event. To do this click on the icons in the top right corner to change the event list format.

How do I create a Template?

A template is used when you have similar events happening, and you create a template to be used in many events. The template becomes a standard and you cannot change the cover page, event tools, and forms.

You can choose the name of the template and a tag color. This will help to search for future events.

As soon as you click on Create, you will have access to your event template.

You will be able to set the standard tools that will be used in all the events that will follow this template, as well as the cover picture, general and organization description, address, and forms. To learn more about this set-up, read Setting up your events.

How do I archive events?

You can archive events, which allows you to free up your event list page without having to delete old events. To archive an event, click on the Edit button in the top right corner, tick the check box of the event you wish to archive, then click on the Archive button in the top right corner.

To view the archived events, simply click on the Archived tab.

You can un-archive an event, by going to the archived tab, press the Edit button, check the box of the event you wish to un-archive, and then press the Unarchive events button. The event will be returned to the events tab.

How do I delete events?

To delete an event, after clicking on Edit, select the event checkbox you wish to remove, and then click on Remove > End.

How do I search for events?

You can search for events, by clicking on Events > Search.

It is possible to specify your search by Name, City, In Person, Public, Visible.

How can I filter through my events?

To filter your events, Press Events on the left side, then in the top right corner press the Filter button

Click the dropdown box and choose from the following filters:

  • Events I've created
  • Events I'm the host
  • Next events
  • Past events
  • Current events
  • Single-day events
  • Multi-day events
  • Online events
  • Presential events
  • Tags

You can choose a filter or multiple filters by selecting the filter(s) and pressing the blue + Add filter button.

How do I remove a filter?

To remove a filter, simply click on the red trash icon on the right side of the filter you wish to remove as highlighted in the image below:

Companys Administrators

Administrators are able to manage each event and manage the company structure. Only administrators can add new administrators. To learn more on this, check out Admin Global and Event Access Permission.

How can I change the visual Identity in Multi-Event platform?

You can modify the colors of the platform and app to your companys colors. See White Label for more information. 

How do I change the Company Tools?

To change tools that will be available to all events, go to Account > Tools > Edit.

According to your needs, select or clear tools checkboxes and click on End.

Changes in the Company tools will reflect in all events under that company.

To change tools available in a specific event, enter the event and click on Settings > Tools > Edit, and then tick tools checkboxes you want to add or remove. To save changes, click End. To learn more about this, go to Set Event Tools.

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