Content Sharing

Content Sharing

This feature enables the sharing of content with various social networks.

Sharing content with social networks can be quick, integrated and simple with the click of a button. Content can be pre-approved by event organizers so that no confidential information leaks to external sources. Text, videos, images are supported across different networks. You can share information from the news feed and also from the event calendar on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

How to share content from the News Feed or the App Calendar/Schedule

 To share an App content in the Event 'Feed', you click the 'share' icon and then choose the sharing option you want, outlined in the images below:

To share an 'Activity' Click on 'SCHEDULE' choose the Activity and click on 'DETAILS', Scroll down and click on the 'SHARE' tab 

Can I block the sharing option?

 To block sharing, click on SETTINGS > TOOLS

Press the EDIT button in the top right corner.  Scroll down to the BLOC section then select 'Block attendees from sharing content or event information'. Set this option to YES then press the END button in the top right corner.

How do I control the 'Shares' of my attendees so that no confidential information is leaked

 To control attendee shares, go to SETTINGS > TOOLS . Look for the CONTROL section , click on the EDIT button in the top right corner,Scroll down to 'Posts on social networks' and set the option for " Automatic approval of attendees in social networks " to 'NO' (as outlined in the image below)

How do I approve or disapprove content sharing through the web tool? 

To approve or disapprove content through the web tool, Click on EVENT > CONTENT > POSTS

Here you will see the posts waiting approval to approve the post, simply click on the blue APPROVE button

To approve a post in the app, Press the FEED tab and press APPROVE on the post

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